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Industrialization During 1865 and 1920 That Influenced...

OUTLINE THESIS STATEMENT Impact of Industrialization after the Civil War on American Society (Thesis Outline) [Strayer University] [U.S History 105] ] Impact of Industrialization After the Civil War on American Society (Thesis Outline) Part 1- Thesis Statement The Industrial Revolution marks a major turning point in human history; almost every aspect of daily life was influenced in some way. After the Civil War, industrialization took on an unpredictable change of events that had a major affect on improving American life. The Industrial Revolution affected farming, manufacturing, and legislatives and led to a increase in the wealth and prosperity of the countries in which it occurred..†¦show more content†¦Mining companies used them to ship raw materials to factories over long distances quickly. Manufactures distributed their finished product by rail to points throughout the country. The rails became highly profitable businesses for their owners. ( During the Industrial Revolution everyone had to adapt to the massive work load that was created. Back then demands for products was so high, the only thought and concern the Business Man had was how he was going to keep the currency rolling in. They used Humans as machines, without care and regards to their health and well being. Once they were faced with consequence for their disregard for life, laws were put into place to protect the workers. This in turned probably caused them more money and slower production in obeying the law. Women and children were able to join the work force, but for little pay and long hours. Many were face with poor work conditions, hazardous health issues and short lunch breaks. The economic success was often left unchecked by authorities, who were not ready to deal with the consequences of these uncharted waters. Producing improved methods on machinery use, spread throughout American industry after the civil war. This created a higher quantity of products at a faster pace. At times product were being produced so rapidly that this caused an over stock of merchandise because sales were not able to move as fast as the products were beingShow MoreRelatedIndustrialization After Civil War1523 Words   |  7 PagesAssignment 1.2 Industrialization After the Civil War Final Paper Student’s Name—Lacey Jaslaine Young Course Number –HIS 105 ------------------------------------------------- Quarter Name and Year—Fall Quarter 2015 ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- 1. Introduce your paper with your previously crafted thesis statementRead MoreIndustrialization After the Civil War1789 Words   |  8 PagesAssignment 1.2: Industrialization after the Civil War Final Paper Belinda Scott History 105: Spring 2014 Prof. Michael Smith Industrialization after the Civil War After the Civil War the United States became a much more industrialized society. Between 1865 in 1920 industrialization and proved American life in many ways. However industrialization also created problems for American society. This paper willRead MoreIndustrialization After the Civil War Research Paper1321 Words   |  6 PagesResearch Paper Industrialization after the Civil War Shana Dukes History 105 Professor Tracey M. Biagas February 3. 2014 Introduction Industrialization after the Civil War was a period where Industrial city were being built, there were jobs for people and the political aspect was having corruption. In this paper the main points in this paper discussed the major aspects of the Industrialization Revolution, such as groups that were affected by the Industrial society, and the affectsRead MoreEssay on Industrialization After the Civil War952 Words   |  4 PagesAssignment 1.2: Industrialization After the Civil War Strayer University- HIS 105 August 3, 2014 After the Civil War, the United States went through a period of rapid industrialization which affected the nation dramatically. Industrial growth, the spread of railroads, the rise of big businesses, and the appearance of labor unions during these decades created a modern industrial economy, and American workers and farmers faced new challenges in adapting to these changes. There were three majorRead MoreA SELECTION OF PAST AP U.S. FREE RESPONSE QUESTIONS:3529 Words   |  15 PagesA SELECTION OF PAST AP U.S. FREE RESPONSE QUESTIONS: Part 1: Colonial Period to Civil War Colonial Times 1607 -1775 1. From 1600 -1763, several European nations vied for control of the North American continent. Why did England win the struggle? (73) 2. In the seventeenth century, New England Puritans tried to create a model society. What were their aspirations, and to what extent were those aspirations fulfilled during the seventeenth century? (83) 3. In the two decades before theRead MoreIndustrialization During The Civil War2117 Words   |  9 PagesIndustrialization after the Civil War was a major component in creating the advanced world we live in today. The industrial revolution connected America through transportation, leading to easier communication. It shifted how the process of business went about allowing productivity to skyrocket. Industrialization changed how the average person lived their life with their family and how they earned money to provide for that family. Political control was superseded by the wealthy. It shifted the majorityRead MoreOne Significant Change That Has Occurred in the World Between 1900 and 2005. Explain the Impact This Change Has Made on Our Lives and Why It Is an Important Change.163893 Words   |  656 PagesHistory and Public Memories Tiffany Ruby Patterson, Zora Neale Hurston and a History of Southern Life Lisa M. Fine, The Story of Reo Joe: Work, Kin, and Community in Autotown, U.S.A. Van Gosse and Richard Moser, eds., The World the Sixties Made: Politics and Culture in Recent America Joanne Meyerowitz, ed., History and September 11th John McMillian and Paul Buhle, eds., The New Left Revisited David M. Scobey, Empire City: The Making and Meaning of the New York City Landscape Gerda Lerner, Fireweed:Read MorePre-Columbian Period9302 Words   |  38 Pagesthe Mohawk nation, Oneida tribe, Seneca nation, Cayuga nation, Onondaga and later the Tuscarora tribe) and Inuit. Though not as technologically advanced as the Mesoamerican civilizations further south, there were extensive pre-Columbian sedentary societies in what is now the US. The Iroquois had a politically advanced and unique social structure that was at the very least inspirational if not directly influential to the later development of the democratic United States government, a departure fromRead MoreInstitution as the Fundamental Cause of Long Tern Growth39832 Words   |  160 Pagesdifferent groups and individuals typically benefit from different economic institutions, there is generally a conflict over these social choices, ultimately resolved in favor of groups with greater political power. The distribution of political power in society is in turn determined by political institutions and the dis tribution of resources. Political institutions allocate de jure political power, while groups with greater economic might typically possess greater de facto political power. We therefore viewRead MorePoverty and Social Work Essay example8858 Words   |  36 Pages since feudal lords provided for the needs of serfs. During the Middle Ages, hospitals were important centers to poor relief, and their practices extended far beyond providing assistance to the ill. The church was the most important source of aid administration during medieval times. The church was a public institution and instituted a compulsory tax. The dissolution of feudalism and the transition to a capital and industrial-based economy resulted in greater social disorder and job uncertainty

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An Economists Approach to Alcohol Abuse - 1324 Words

Suggest how an economist would approach the problem of alcohol abuse. Provide two (2) possible solutions to this problem. Include the four (4) elements of the economic way of thinking in your analysis. It is a genuine case of negative externalities both in production and consumption. Alcohol production also causes pollution of the environment especially due to the large CO2 emissions produced by factories and some of the byproducts. Two possible solutions to these problems proposed by economists are: Coase theorem. Negotiating for compensation with no any government intervention on condition that the cost of negotiation is not high and the property rights are secured. Pigouvian regulations or taxes: Drunk driving is incorporated. An economist would raise cost through reduced availability and added taxes Analyze how prescription drugs affect the demand and supply of other products and services in this country. According to Garrod and Willis (2007), in economics, the law of supply and demand is regard as one of the fundamental principles running an economy. It is illustrated as the situation where as supply raises the price will likely drop or vice versa. As demand raises the price will likely increase or vice versa. Essentially this is a standard that nearly all people intuitively understand concerning the relationship of services and goods against the demand for those services and goods. According to Lipsey and Courant (2011), when demand and supply areShow MoreRelatedThe Walt Disney Company and Disney Management25371 Words   |  102 Pagesencountered difï ¬ culties with regard to competition—the World’s Fair in Seville and the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona were huge attractions for European tourists. Disney management’s conviction that it knew best was demonstrated by its much-trumpeted ban on alcohol in the park. This rule proved insensitive to the local culture, b ecause the French are the world’s biggest consumers of wine. To them a meal without un verre de rouge is unthinkable. Disney relented. It also had to relax its rules on personal grooming

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Biography of Rihanna free essay sample

She began signing when she was seven with two of her classmates but it wasn’t until she was sixteen that she met Evan Rogers and began to work with him and moved out of Barbados. A year after moving to the states she was asked to meet with Jay-z at DefJam Records where she was offered a contract in February 2005. Working with DefJam records she was able to record her first album by the end of 2005. â€Å"Music of the sun† was released and Pon De Replay became her first widely known hit making it in to the top 5 singles for that year. Just about a year later she released album number two â€Å"A Girl Like Me†. Her song S. O. S. was her first number one hit and the album was ranked in the top five albums for the year. In May 2007 she released her third album â€Å"Good Girl Gone Bad† which won her a Grammy for best rap/collaboration for her number one hit Umbrella. We will write a custom essay sample on Biography of Rihanna or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page This album also was known for three other number one hits including Don’t Stop the Music, Take a Bow, and Disturbia. Around two years later she released her fourth album â€Å"Rated R† which was the number one album on the Billboard Hot 100 albums for the year. Three of her songs from this album made it to the top ten singles including Russian Roulette, Hard, and Rude Boy. Under a year later she released â€Å"Loud† being one of her most popular albums and being known for her three number one singles Only Girl(In the World), Samp;M, and What’s My Name?. Finally her most recent album â€Å"Talk That Talk† was released in 2012 and is currently known for the number one single We Found Love. As of now we know that she is working on her seventh album which no information has been release about. She had been on four tours around the world and has one upcoming tour Diamonds World Tour which will be her biggest, longest tour yet. Rihanna often gives credit to her idols that all influenced her in different ways. The person she says influenced her the most would be Madonna saying â€Å"I want to be the Black Madonna. † She also has said that Whitney Houston, Beyonce, Bob Marley, Marilyn Monroe, Mariah Carey and Destiny’s child were very influential on her life becoming a successful artist in today’s music industry. Rihanna has become an influential person herself, having been and idol for Justin Bieber and Rita Ora, both younger artists. She has been named one of the most influential people in the world and ranks fourth in the most powerful celebrities. She has received many awards including five American Music awards, eighteen Billboard Music awards, two BRIT awards and 5 Grammys. She has had eleven number one singles on Billboards top 100 and was named Digital Artist for the 2000’s by Billboard Music as well. She is the highest selling digital artist of all time with 47,571,000 sold singles as of early 2012. Forbes reported that she earned a little over $82 million between May 2010 and May 2012 and she continues to expand on her career. Rihanna in known for her thought provoking music videos, many of them with under-lying meanings. Much like Madonna she incorporates substance abuse, domestic violence or love triangles into her videos. She also turns obscure situations into glitz and glamorous situations. Many of her videos and outfits have caused controversy because of the explicit content. Her live shows are known for her hip shaking, sex appeal, attitude, sexy outfits and over the top performances sometimes being quite risque. She has said that â€Å"These performances are all an act, that’s not me. That’s a part I play. You know it’s like a piece of art with all these toys and textures to play with. † In her early days she was a typical teen pop star but she easily shifted her appearance dramatically and continues to change frequently. By the time she released her â€Å"Good Girl Gone Bad† album she had completely shook the teen pop star image everyone had gave her. By 2008 she was named best dressed by Peoples magazine and was on Maxims Hot 100 for five consecutive years (2007-2011). In 2009 Glamour named her Woman of the year and she ranked seventeenth out of fifty in Most Glamorous Women. She also was named sexiest women alive in 2011 by Esquire. Not only is she an extremely successful music artist, she has had her share in acting as well. In 2006 she mad a cameo appearance in the movie Bring it On: All or Nothing. In 2012 she was seen in the movie Battleship as GM2 officer Cora Raikes and had another cameo appearance in The Katy Perry Movie. In the next two years she will be seen in End of the World and Happy Smekday. The successful Barbadian superstar started out as a typical teen pop singer and has made a huge name for herself, not only singing but acting as well. Attempting to turn herself into the â€Å"Black Madonna† it seems she has met her goal although she continues to do more with her career. After seven years and six albums Rihanna has become one of the most popular music artists not only in the USA but worldwide. She is one of the most influential celebrities for upcoming music artists in the industry today.

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TOTALITARIAN RULE Essays - Forms Of Government, Totalitarianism

TOTALITARIAN RULE TOTALITARIAN RULE The concept of totalitarian rule cannot be determined by purely logical means. It was explained and clarified only by those who went through the bitter experience of this form of government. As late as the end of the 1920's the word "totalitarian" was used to designate any state which was governed in an authoritarian rather than a parliamentarian manner. The London Times, for example, on November 2, 1929, spoke of a reaction against parliamentarism "in favor of a totalitarian, or unitary state whether Fascist or Communist;" the quotation marks and the explanatory phrase "or unitary state" prove that at the time the concept was still fairly unusual. In the 1930s and 1940s the experiences of the Third Reich and Stalinist Russia added to the definition the criteria of the synchronization and conformation of life, political police and concentration camps, and aIl the other horrors disseminated by these regimes. But admitting that in our century open terror has assumed particularly inhuman forms, such terror is nevertheless not confined to totalitarian rule and therefor is not sufficient to define it. From time immemorial despots have imprisoned their opponents under particularly cruel conditions; they have tortured them, dishonored them, debased and executed them. The suppression of freedom has always assumed the same forms. what Tacitus wrote in his biography of Agricola concerning the despotism of the Emperor Domitian was experienced as reality by the high school students of Hitler's Germany: "Not only the writers but their very books were objects of rage, and . . .the triumvirs were commissioned to burn in the forum those works of splendid genius. They fancied, forsooth, that in that fire the voice of the Roman people, the freedom of the Senate, and the conscience of the human race were perishing, while at the same time they banished the teachers of philosophy, and exiled every noble pursuit, that nothing good might anywhere confront them. Certainly we showed a magnificent example of patience; as a former age had witnessed the extreme of liberty, so we witnessed the extreme of servitude, when the informer robbed us of the interchange of speech and hearing. We should have lost memory as well as voice, had it been as easy to forget as to keep silence." The unique particularity of the unfolding of totalitarian power was at first experienced only by those who were under its immediate subjection, and even they understood it only gradually because it was an entirely new experience-- at least in our century. Totalitarian power grows beyond all standards of normal politics, it gains incalculable and sinister dimensions; under its dominion life falls into confusion and insecurity of all kind not known heretofore. Human beings find themselves not only oppressed and confined in their freedom but also delivered up to the regime, mercilessly exploited by it, and finally, as it were inadvertently, criminally involved in the regime,s activity. Characteristically, it was precisely the politically sophisticated observers who predicted all quick collapse of totalitarian rule, and from their point of view they were justified; for according to the traditional views and standards all such regimes destroy the preconditions that can give permanence to all government. Everywhere it goes against the most basic Law of international diplomatic relations and economic life, destroys the ordered domestic government, openly goes back on its promises, at every step violates all loyalty and faith, is mendacious, unbalanced, repressed, unprofessional--nevertheless, totalitarian rule flourished, secured its position, manages to win over large sections of the population though they resist at first' and can even place its opponents in its service. Persons under totalitarian rule are always in the ranks, always under all strain. They may no longer show themselves as they really are but are constrained constantly to play prescribed roles in an atmosphere of false emotionality, joylessness, mistrust; and they must take care to put their loyalty "to the test... Not only does the regime forbid them to develop, but it seeks also to make of them other personalities than they are by nature; it not only restricts their freedom but tries as well to overpower them. This situation holds true for the declared adherents of the regime even more than for its opponents; for the adherents must always be anxiously concerned to move along whatever general line is currently in favor. No corner of public life or private life offers refuge from control; one can inadvertently lay oneself open to suspicion anywhere. Applause, indignation, enthusiasm, willingness to serve are produced artificially. In general, artificiality is an outstanding characteristic of totalitarian activity, standing in grotesque contrast to the regime,s favorite appeal to the authentic forces of

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Women of 1920 essays

Women of 1920 essays Becker, Susan D. and William Bruce Wheeler The New Woman of the 1920s: Image and Reality. Discovering the American Past, A Look at the Evidence. 4th ed. Vol. II. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company, 1998. The first part of the evidence (Sources 1 and 2) consists of excerpts from two best sellers: The Sheik and The Plastic Age. Both of these two sources are fiction but still portray the truth of these times in which they were written. In source 1, a young woman by the name of Diana Mayo is about to leave on a month-long journey through the desert. Lady Conway expresses her feelings of disapproval, by saying that Diana is behaving with a recklessness and impropriety that is calculated to cast a slur not only on her own reputation, but also on the prestige of her country. I feel that men and women should be treated equally. I believe that a woman should be able to do what she pleases to do in life. At this time in history, women were not accepted in that way though. Diana encounters a man that is begging her not to leave, but she clearly expresses that she has no love for the man. She says that marriage for a woman means the end of her independence, and that she has never obeye d anyone in her life and she does not intend to ever obey anyone. I do not believe that a woman loses her independence when getting married, unless she chooses to lose it. The second source is about a high school track star, Hugh Carver that is arriving for his freshman year at Sanford, an all-male college. He and some friends get caught up in fraternity life and begin to drink alcohol. One night he and his friend Carl get drunk and decide to go out on to the town, where two prostitutes tempted them. A football player prevents Hugh from going with these women of trash, but Carl goes along with them anyway. Carl and seven others are diagnosed with a venereal disease a few weeks later and then were expelled ...

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Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the Fair Work Act 2009 Essay

Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the Fair Work Act 2009 - Essay Example The act focuses on the key parts such as the employment standards of a nation, contemporary awards in the workplace, industrial action, minimum wages, unfair dismissal, office fair work and enterprise agreements. Organisations exists for a purpose but regardless of particular resource in an organisation, HR managers play significant roles in the organisation and they are the key ingredients for organisation success. HR manager controls and manages financial resources, people and other aspects; thus a number of varied things should be taken into considerations in order to transform the nature of work and workplaces in which they are performed. Among these aspects is making significant amendments to industrial relation systems; thus employing more innovative HRM practices such as communicating clearly about organizational policies is vital. The strengths of the Fair Work Act 2009 The aim of the FW Act is to offer a balanced framework for productive and supportive workplace relations, w hich promotes state economic prosperity and social aspects for all Australians (Harpur, 2012, 190). Under this act, employees and employers may bargain collectively to make enterprise agreements in respect of the terms and conditions of employment. The FW Act offer an effective bargaining process in the workplace and this is where agreements between bargaining representatives who represent employers and employees bargain in good faith in order to come to an agreement. Mondy, Noe and Gowan (2005, p. 45) point out that the essential function of the HRM in an organisation is to create and maintain a productive, as well as, a healthy and safe working environment for all stakeholders. The core activities of the human resource manager include offering job analysis, recruitments, retaining employees, and recruiting, training or compensating employees. Regardless of the size of an organisation, HRM should perform their work well by managing and improving the skills of employees in order to create successful organizational performance. These activities take place within a framework of legislation that establishes minimum standards and prospects regarding acceptable behavior in a business entity (Briscoe, Schuler and Claus, 2009, p. 32). The FW Act has been wholly operational since the commencement of the year 2010 and it substituted the workplace relation or work choices amendment Act of 2005 (Manuel and Law Society of South Australia, 2009, p. 51). The FW Act is imperative because it enables employees to adjust the employment costs, workforces or flexible working hours to suit subdued demand (Sloan, 2010, p. 19). Employers in some sectors are concerned with modern awards in the workplace and unfair dismissals while others are concerned with the federal minimum wage; thus the FW Act is vital in the workplace. Many organisations such as the Australian organisations faced turbulent business and economic issues during the 1970s but the implementation of the FW Act 2009 ha s created significant changes on the way organisation perform their functions in the contemporary business world. The FW Act offer flexibility in the workplace and this is significant because it contributes to increased productivity in the workplace. Offering work flexibility is one of the significant aspects that have enabled many human

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Return on Financial Assets Math Problem Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Return on Financial Assets - Math Problem Example tainty (low risk). In other words, invested money can earn higher profits only if there is a possibility of it being lost. Likewise, a corporate bond has several risks attached to it such as term to maturity risk, degree of liquidity risk and its credit rating. Each bond is discussed below with regard to the risk attached to it. I. Bond X will earn the highest return because of low credit rating which means that agencies regard this firm as highly risky. Moreover, it also involves maturity risk and degree of liquidity risk which is assumed as it is not stated. II. Bond W will earn a lower return in comparison to X but higher than Y and Z, as it is rated better by the rating agency which denotes low risk in terms of business operation. However maturity and liquidity risk exists which makes investor hesitant to take it unless it offers required return for it. III. Bond Y will yield more than Z but less than W and X because of its high credit rating, low term to maturity risk which is e vident from the fact that investor will get his principal amount back before investor of bond W and X. But still it contains liquidity risk which will result in paying a higher return than bond Z. IV. Lastly, bond Z will yield the least amount of return as it does not have liquidity risk, maturity risk and neither low credit rating. Investors won’t demand high return as their investment is relatively safe. 2. Explain how an economist could use the slope of the yield curve to analyze the probability that a recession will occur and why the spread may matter.   Answer: Yield curve shows a relationship between yield and maturity of a debt instrument. Its slope has always been a good indicator of economic movements, as it can indicate where investor sentiments are heading. It indicates investors’ expectation of economy and interest rate. A sharply upward sloping, or steep yield curve, has often been an indication of an economic shift. Yield curve can indicate upcoming rec ession when it starts to invert. It occurs when long-term yields fall below short-term yields (Besley and Brigham, 2000). Under anomalies, if investors think that economy will slow down or decline in the future they will be satisfied with lower yield. Inverted yield curves also suggest that the market is expecting inflation to remain low. This is because, even if there is a recession, a low bond yield will still be offset by low inflation. 3. One year ago, you bought a bond for $10,000. You received interest of $400 at the end of the year, as well as your $10,000 principal. If the inflation rate over the last year was five percent, calculate the real return. Show your work.   Answer: Real return of a security is calculated by discounting the interest earned and principal invested to (t=0) i.e. today and then finding percentage return of the investment. For the above given question, firstly, principal amount and interest earned is added to get $10,400 and then discounted at a rate of 5%